Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Happiness is...

Take away from the Indian joint!

I've been sick since the weekend, just feeling punk, and crabby too.
Last night bf came over with some very tasty victuals from Maharajah restaurant.
Garlic Nan, fish pakora (which was perfect), Beef Shahikorma (xtra spicy), and Chicken Curry (mild). I wasn't feeling very hungry, but believe you me, when I smelled and tasted the food, my appetite perked right up. Something about really good, spicy food was very appetite inducing.

After we ate we lay in my bed and watched Frontline. It was all about the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and it was very very interesting. Many interviews with Pakistani reporters, military members, and even the president, Pervez Musharraf (please to click on that one, he's got his own cool website). It was really well done and thought provoking. I actualy fell asleep at the end, as the soporific effects of good dinner, warm bed, and boyfriend were too much to resist. Bf tucked me in and said goodnight, and I slept the sleep of the just. Until 4 am when I storm came through.

Today was school and house cleaning (had a very very successful showing today, I'm feeling good about the possibilities), then coffee with a new friend, then lots of errands with my oldest son (including a trip round the halloween store, my favourite!), then home to blog.

Tonight it's frozen pizza for dinner, homework, and then the season premiere of LOST!!

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