Thursday, September 21, 2006

Plans II

Yesterday I was invited to go see Julius Ceasar at American Players Theater (this Sunday). I accepted the invitation, and was considering that a plan, even though it didn't originate from me.

One reason I'm going to count it as a plan is because I am going to cook or bake something to bring along, and maybe make up a thermos of hot chocolate (it's COLD!).

Wing suggested in the comments that I plan to go somewhere I've never been before. I started feeling overwhelmed considering that when I realized that there are places I've never been located in places (cities) I HAVE been, so I can plan something for soon (the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art for one in town) as well as the longer term plan of somewhere far away.

I finally have a passport, so I can travel outside the country without having to worry about waiting for that to come through.

One place/event I would put on my list for some future date is the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. That would be fantastic.

I'd love to go to Cardiff for a few days as well - and do a more rural Wales thing too.

I don't have a specific place in Ireland I'd like to go, but I'll find one.

London and Manchester (I've got a thing for Manchester bands, starting with ABC in the early 80s), in England.

So obviously, the UK is on my list. :P

Thinking about it, my plans for school seem to solidify and become more real as the weeks roll on. One of my classes has become sort of independent study, which is great. Because I get so much energy and joy from being in school, I know it is worth planning a few more years of. Many of the sacrifices I was making (financial) before I started school have become so engrained they are second nature, so they don't seem so bad as a longer-term lifestyle.

Of course, I need to focus back on the STUDYING part of it right now.

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