Saturday, September 09, 2006

On violence

Okay, here's the scoop.

I slept, although not for the 8 hours my psyche wanted.

A little less happy-pants for LOST as I get through the stories of Season 2. All of a sudden the women are gone, not the focus of any of the flashbacks nor participating much in the island day-to-day. Plus, every body is going crazy and doing shit that makes me angry.

I did like a really cool tense moment in the hatch just now (hieroglyphs? what?!?).
Still mad about how they split up the happy family of Claire, Charlie and the huge baby.

Lastly, knowing what fate befalls Ana Lucia is keeping me from wasting any time hating her, mostly. BUT I HATE HER!!! Fuck!

Also, Jack's marriage should have had more lead up.

Oh, and the per-disc special features are paltry, just one episode commentary, and there isn't even one on every disc!

Plus, I want to see Rose and Bernard together!

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