Monday, September 18, 2006

Cheese Days

Swiss Alphorn Players/Yodelers

Accordian Player

Green County (7 year old took this and the one below from the car window)

bf eats corn!

7 year old makes a call...

Didn't stay long enough. I got stung by a yellow jacket and I was sad, whiny, and distracted after that. :(

Good things: I got a glass pie plate from a garage sale, there was free chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick, and plenty of cheese samples to go around (after my run in with the wasp I was in no mood for cheese, but I picked up a block of peppered havarti). Bf was my sugar daddy for the day and kept us in lemonade, corn dogs and porkchop sandwiches. Good eatin.

Please advise how to train bf or kid to take a bogdamn picture of me when we go somewhere. I feel invisible - most of my out and about picture sets are of everyone else.

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