Friday, August 11, 2006

Six-hour work day 'key to bliss'

Is anyone surprised by this?

"...Sydney University academic Dr Caroline West says while work delivers self-esteem, income and social ties, more than four to six hours a day will bring anxiety, exhaustion and a poor quality of life."

The good doctor goes on to mention something about how making more money doesn't offset the problems of long work hours, and I can't help but think, what about people who work 40+ hours a week and just make ends meet? They are particularly screwed.

Anyhow. I know one day I'll want to work (at least, I hope so, because I need some money and I'm not very lucky or entrepreneurial). A six hour day sounds just right. Really, during most of my last several years of employment, working for 8 hours wasn't producing 8 hours of work - I was just *there* for that length of time. I'd guess that six hour days are more productive.

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