Monday, August 07, 2006

The simple things

My oldest son and I had 13 minutes before his father came to pick him up. We were looking through his younger brother's National Geographic Kids magazine, and saw the
"Make Ice Cream in 5 minutes" article. He said "we've got five minutes", and a quick perusal of the recipe showed we also had all of the ingredients, so we went as fast as our little legs would carry us into the kitchen and made ice cream!

It took us about 7 minutes, and his dad came before we were through, but he waited outside while we finished. I sent the results off with son, so no pictures, but we are definitely going to do it again sometime.

Five Minute Ice Cream:

You will need:
1 Gallon sized ziplock bag
1 sandwich size ziplock bag
Ice cubes (to fill the gallon bag 1/2 full)
1/2 C Kosher salt

Ice cream mixture:

1 Cup Cream, Half and Half, or Milk (we mixed 3/4 C Half and Half w 1/4 C milk)
2 Tablespoons Sugar (I used a wee bit more, just eyeballed it)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (I used more because I'm crazy about vanilla)

Fill gallon bag 1/2 full of ice, add kosher salt.
Mix ice cream ingredients and place in sandwich bag, seal well.

Place sandwich bag in gallon bag and seal well. Wrap a kitchen towel (or any small towel) around bag and SHAKE VIGOROUSLY for five minutes.
The ice was melting by the end of five minutes, but we ended up with a nice soft ice cream. If we didn't have the person waiting, I'd have been tempted to shake for another couple of minutes.

OMG, this was absolutely delicious.

And reminded me of what I like about my life.

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