Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Library of Congress

Okay, I just thought of another thing I'd love to do if I had unlimited time and money (and actually, if I figure out exactly what I want to study, I could make this happen as part of said study, couldn't I?*): Go to the Library of Congress for a week or two. Just hang out and look through collections.

Find books by people I've met in real life. Research something.

Here are a couple of interesting places to start: "The African American Odyessy" The name is very 'big' innit? What with all the sex and stuff, The Odyssey seemed kinda like fun, and had a happy ending, right? But there was a lot of killing and suffering and monsters. So maybe it's an okay name.

The "Bound for Glory" exhibition is pretty amazing as well. Color photographs of rural life during The Depression. ( has some colour corrected versions of the photos found online - which is how I got to the LOC in the first place)

*The cool thing is, my interests so far are: Library Studies, Anthropology and Folklore. All of these things fit together, and I can put in Labour, Race or Gender studies in with all of them! Plus, I could find a way to link food to any of these as well. OMG, I could study it all!!!!

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