Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm going to bake a strawberry cake

Ostensibly for my grandfather's 92nd birthday. But really because I JUST WANT TO.

A rich butter and sour cream cake with strawberries inside and a strawberry glaze.

The ONLY recipe I've found that doesn't include a box of cake mix and strawberry Jell-o!

This recipe includes a crunchy topping made with pecans, but I'm leaving it out.

But before I do, I need to go to Penzey's and buy a bottle of vanilla.

The writing group last night was really fun.

UPDATE, 8/19: I made the cake this morning. And laughed at myself because the recipe doesn't even call for vanilla! I put in two teaspoons just because. I should have baked this for at least 5 more minutes; the center for the cake was underdone *but tastes delicious!*. For the glaze, I left out the lemon juice and added a few tablespoons of sugar to the juice, as it didn't have much sugar in it. I put in in the microwave on high for about 6 minutes total, stirring a few times and watching it carefully at the end so it didn't boil over.

This cake is good without the glaze on top, but really yummy with it - it would be good with whipped cream, but because I wasn't sharing this with anyone right away I didn't want to whip up any cream - I just end up eating it all.

UPDATE, 8/21
Had another piece of this today, warmed up with the strawberry jelly and some freshly whipped cream on top. Not as good as when it was fresh. I've decided this recipe is good enough to spend some time modifying and making it more satisfying. I'm going to take out 1/2 of the butter for starters. It's overkill. Add vanilla, and mix the strawberries through the batter, so you get a little in every bite and hopefully the cake will be less dense in the center. The strawberries did taste marvelous, even if it's a bit disorienting to taste REAL strawberry flavour instead of something enhanced (i.e. fake).

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