Tuesday, August 08, 2006


My son turned seven last week, and his one request was to have his own pet. He wanted a hamster of his own. Actually, he wanted a hamster or a gerbil, but I'm not very fond of gerbils, so I pushed for a hamster (I had two as pets when I was a kid).

It was a joint effort, with his dad getting the cage and accoutrement, my mother buying the hamster, and me pretty much getting away with not doing anything. To be fair to myself, I will be making sure he doesn't forget about taking care of the thing.

He is very pleased, as am I. And Maddie is thrilled. She's been watching the cage like it's a tv.

Butterscotch is a dwarf hamster, just a wee thing. Very nice personality, for a hamster. I was initially a bit put off by her eyes, which are red, but now I think she's cute as a button*.

Our goal, now that she's home and comfy, is to take a picture worthy of Cute Overload.

*Blogger is being a shit right now, I can't upload her picture. Just trust me. - okay, they are up now. But blurry! I gotta go take more, she decided to build her nest INSIDE her exercise wheel. It's super cute.

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