Saturday, August 12, 2006

BLATs and Troll Boogers

The summer is racing by! Although it seems like just a couple of weeks ago, nearly a month ago the boy and the bf did a science project thingy and made Troll Boogers.

The kit was procured from the crazy science stuff outlet (we went to the one in Chicago after seeing Wilco in May of 05 - the kit was languishing on a bookshelf until the boy noticed it one day). I left them to their mad scientisting while I made dinner.

A BLAT (Bacon Lettuce Avacado and Tomato Sandwich) is a thing of beauty.


After we ate, we took a walk to a nearby park. It was a nice night for it, and we had eaten so damn much, we needed to move a bit. The fellas took time out to play on the equipment, while I took pictures of the beautiful old trees which circle the park.

That was a nice night.

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