Thursday, July 20, 2006

Orangette: To Brandon, with nutmeg

Orangette: To Brandon, with nutmeg:
"The only thing better than a wonderfully food-obsessed New Yorker is a wonderfully food-obsessed New Yorker who lives in Seattle, and the only thing better than a nutmeg muffin is a nutmeg doughnut muffin. Oh baby, indeed. These are exactly what they sound like, and better: something akin to doughnut batter, but baked, brushed with butter, and rolled in powdered sugar. They may look a little rumply and worse for the wear, but with their light, fragrant crumb and fried-but-not flavor, this is one very holy union of muffin, doughnut, and cake. It’s one of those recipes to write with permanent ink into your “special breakfast” repertoire. It’s for Brandon."

I just happened upon this foodie blog today, and I HAD to make these. They are delicious, really rich and buttery and filled with that ineffable tastiness that a delicious food often has. They remind me of the Greenbush Bakery's rabbi thingies (I can't remember what they are called, but I swear they have 'rabbi' in the name). Lord, those are tasty. Funny, I was going to stop by there this afternoon, but instead, I made these!

Since I was passing by his building on my way to an appt, I brought a few to my bf's office. I ended up giving them to his coworker with instructions to share. I love baking something so delicious, but the two sticks of butter is a bit much for them being a (very) regular thing. Definitely worth trying. I'm going to make a choclate version the next time I try them. With nutmeg, of course.

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