Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm Sorry I Love You (a post which reads like a George Carlin skit)

Today is the first day of the gathering of my things for a HUUUUGE yard sale this weekend. It's been a more emotional process than I thought, if only because my accumulation of consumer goods ramped up right before I was married seven years ago. I've been divorced for less than 18 months, but it feels like a lifetime away (I was running hard away from it).

Most of the stuff I'm getting rid of should have been purged BEFORE I moved into my house 4 years ago. So I need to get rid of as much stuff as I can. I'm also feeling like getting rid of the other stuff I've got - stuff that is useful, but reminds me of stuff in the past. I want a fresh start. New furniture.

Going through my stuff (and having help from my ex has just been weird). Everywhere I look there are pictures of the past 8 years (rarely put into albums). There are reminders of things I've done and people who aren't in my life anymore. It's a lot to think about. As far as working on stuff with my ex, it's been kind of nice to talk about stuff. Because we have a kid together we have had to develop a working relationship as parents and it's turning out pretty well.

To keep myself working (and minimize my thinking), I've decided to spin The Magnetic Fields 3-disc set "69 Love Songs" all day. It's just what it says 69 songs all about love. It's a fantastic set of tunes. With 69 to choose from, there are some clunkers in the bunch, but so many more gems. Stephin Merrit writes in a lot of styles and has guest vocalists... It's good stuff.

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