Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm gonna get a candy bar next.

I've got so much nothing to say. I *am* nearly done with my paper.
The guy who was sitting across from me did answer his phone, but restored my faith in humanity by walking away from the computer to finish his phone call.

The t-shirt I'm wearing right now got me thinking about breasts (it displays mine rather prominently). I used to be kind of embarassed about my riches in that department, then for a brief period in my 20s showed them off far too much and now I think I've got a good relationship with them. I don't do cleavage these days, but I admit to marveling at other's...

It's funny how boob-focused we are, while only admitting a small range of sizes and shapes into the 'good' category.

Women, be proud of your dirty pillows!

In other news, my continuing foray into "not as skinny as I used to be" includes going downstairs and vending myself some chocolate!

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