Monday, July 17, 2006

I am a fragile flower

We've been having some hot weather lately.

The heat index, last time I checked, was 101 F - it's FUCKING HOT OUT THERE.

Whenever I'm out for 20+ minutes, I get incredibly crabby, in addition to sleepy and sweaty.

I need to wear fewer clothes, in part, but it's so damn cold *inside*, I end up wearing more than I'd like. I'd rather sweat a bit than freeze a lot.

Later on I'm going out to hear a band, and sort of looking forward to sweating and freezing as I move from bar to outdoor smoking patio. I plan to work on my paper until they kick me out of the library and then dedicate most of the evening to DRINKING. Beer, interspersed with large glasses of water. I'll be peeing like a race horse from 7pm on! w00t! I fully expect to be loud, silly, and heckle the band if they don't play a Yes song I know (there are about six of them, so hopefully they won't disappoint).

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