Sunday, July 02, 2006

Comfort Flicks

When I picked up movies yesterday I had a theme in mind - well, less a theme and more a need. Something comforting, comfortable. An entertainment that was familiar but not too much so. I did get 2 films I hadn't seen, but the rest were old favourites, promising to be fun but not taxing.

I watched the goes-down-easy (but rather bland) Ocean's Twelve last night, followed by Priscilla Queen of the Desert and The Usual Suspects. The last two are favourites of mine that I actually haven't seen that many times. Both are far better films than I'd remembered, although the dance scenes in Priscilla are still kind of torturous. Terrance Stamp makes a terrible tranny. There really isn't much girl in him.

This morning I decided to pop in Walk the Line, and overall, I enjoyed it. I found it the most fun when music was being made. Otherwise, I thought the pacing was heavy and slow - I figure they were going for the "steady like a frieght train" thing, but man, it could have used a few more crescendos. I got a hankering for a little Carter family music too - I wish there had been more music making at home scenes with the Carters.

The three films I have left are Downfall [Der Untergang] (German film about Hitler's last days, highly rec'd) - oddly enough one of my comfort flicks, Tokyo Godfathers - animated film I've passed over many times at Bongo and I finally decided to pick it up, and The Player - a film I like more than I should, but it's got a great cast, I can't help myself. It's a Robert Altman film, so some extremely thin woman will be topless, bottomless, or both, but I can't recall who it is in Player.

I think coffee, some breakfast, and The Player are in order for this morning...

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