Thursday, July 27, 2006

30% chance of bibically-proportioned floods

The National Weather Service assured me there was a 30% chance of precipitation today, but in no way indicated that it would be a torrential downpour! I would have gone out to stuff things back into the garage sooner. It's perfect weather to be soaked to the underthings in lovely warm water, but still.

Also, the lightening seems to be directly above my house!

It's really loud and rumbly, and raining like crazy!

What else might deserve an exclamation point? Food!

I made another batch of Doughnut Muffins, not chocolate as I'd thought I might. They are really good with this peach compote I made, which I thickened with tapioca and mixed with whipped cream.

Also, I made salsa last night and while it's pretty spicy, I need a few more peppers in there.

Okay, back to the weather. Our storms have been pretty crazy this summer, lots of wind and several trees down in my neighbourhood alone, not to mention the greater Madison area. But we haven't had a lot of earth shaking thunder. That is, until NOW.

I suppose late July through early August is a time for lots of thunder. I remember when Little Boy was born (seven days short of seven years ago), we had these huge booming thunderstorms. On his first birthday, it rained so hard our street flooded during his party. In 1993 or 94 we also had crazy storms at this time of year, a huge oak in front of my mother's house fell onto her garage...

I'm glad to be inside now. It's nice that I still have electricity. I should probably change into some dry clothes, but maybe if I move around they'll dry and I won't have to.

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